Crave Skincare’s CBD Products Ask Fans to Join the Beauty Counter-Culture

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As women begin to turn away from the beauty counter in search of cleaner and greener beauty products, Crave Skincare  offers a new ingredient to the beauty connoisseur–CBD. CBD/Cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive Cannabinoid from the Hemp/Cannabis Sativa species, and is getting lots of attention these days for its anti-inflammatory properties both internally and topically. So it is no surprise CBD is a key ingredient in the botanical formulas of Crave Skincare. Crave touts “clean” formulas, free of fillers and harsh synthetics. This CBD beauty line offers phytonutrient rich, soothing anti-aging products, including rejuvenating serums, antioxidant rich moisturizers, water-loss preventative cleansers and more.

Janet Schriever, Crave’s CEO, is happy to see the stigma of Cannabis being lifted. “It’s exciting to see this healing plant emerging from the shadows and into the health and wellness space, and our skincare products. CBD is made for our skin. We all have Endocannabinoid receptors in our skin that react with CBD. One of my customers swears she can hear her skin let out a sigh of relief after applying Crave serums in the morning!”

It is true, the long held anecdotal benefits professed by hippies and Cannabis enthusiasts are finally being confirmed by scientific exploration in many areas of health. The results of a 2009 study (see below) reveal the existence of an Endocannabinoid/ECS system in our skin, which can be stimulated and toned with CBD. Specifically, CBD has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory effects, and may help in treating skin conditions related to inflammation such as eczema, allergic dermatitis, and acne.

Having hyper-reactive skin and Rosacea, Schriever was aiming to heal herself before a business was ever conceived. She says, “We unintentionally assault our skin with chemicals, pollution, and beauty products every day. Crave products are the antidote to that. I never intended to start a Cannabis-related business. I wanted to make the most pure and effective products I could. CBD turned out to be the ingredient that made the difference, so of course, I based my product line on it.”

CBD may be the key ingredient in Crave Skincare’s products, but this Indie Hemp brand proves that the beauty counter-culture is alive and well in California. Learn more at

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