I’m Janet, Founder of Code of Harmony. The reason why my company is called Code of Harmony is because my mission from the beginning has been to create Harmony in the skin. I have sensitive, aging skin and have battled with my skin condition – Rosacea – for decades. Like many other skin issues, Rosacea is caused by inflammation and manifests as skin under stress; Red, rashy, inflamed, sometimes pimply, irritated skin that is highly reactive to…well, everything. And as I’ve gotten older, my face not only became more irritated and inflamed, but there were wrinkles and thinning skin and textural changes happening that I could not ignore. My obsession with a “fix” led me to hyper focusing on my skincare products and eventually Code of Harmony was born.

I am a licensed Esthetician and a self-taught alchemist. I work on other people’s faces to bring their skin back to a healthy, happy, glowing state of being. My background is in art and design (I designed the “C” logo myself!) I went to art school. I have designed clothes, worked on feature films, painted in Africa, invented toys, and proudly raised a child as a single parent. I have broadened my knowledge of skin chemistry with courses in Cosmetic Science at UCLA and with the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.

I am committed to bringing you effective clean beauty that you can trust, and to growing a skincare business with integrity.

Our Pure Hemp-derived CBD Extract

Compliance: In order to be sold legally in all 50 states, the CBD we use is grown in compliance with the 2014 Farm Bill. Code of Harmony products are made with Love and Hemp from Kentucky.

Clean Extraction: We use a highly purified form of non-psychoactive CO2 Extracted CBD Isolate from Hemp. Our formulas contain:

  • NO THC so it cannot make your feel high and it won’t show up on a drug test.
  • NO Hempy smell or irritation that is sometimes caused by the natural occurring Terpenes in Hemp. Because the fragrant Essential Oils in Hemp can be irritating to the delicate skin on the face, we remove them. 


EFFECTIVE GREEN BEAUTY: The Vitamins, Antioxidants, and Phyto-nutrient rich botanical extracts we use in CoH products are based on scientifically proven research and formulated for performance.

CLEAN FORMULAS with NO ADDED: Fillers, Petrochemicals, Silicones, Harsh Cleansers, Parabens, Synthetic Emulsifiers, such as Pentylene Glycol, which can lead to sensitization and damage the skin barrier over time.

SOOTHING PLANT-BASED BEAUTY: We synergistically combine calming hemp with an entourage of plant-based cosmeceuticals to enhance skin’s natural, youthful beauty. Our mission is to nurture your delicate, sensitive skin, while preserving a healthy skin barrier and diminishing the visible signs of aging. Our extracts are carefully chosen for quality and standardized for strength.