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How Long Does An Order Take To Arrive?

Your order will be processed and shipped out within 24-48 hours. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped on Tuesday, as we are closed on Mondays. Arrival time is dependent on where we are shipping to, but is typically 1-5 days.

How Can I Choose The Right Products For Me?

A great place to start is our Daily Routine Bundles for a basic routine for your skin type, or our Problem Solver Bundles with product sets to target complicated skin. Our bestsellers are also a great place to begin.

Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Habitat accepts the following payment methods for online purchases:

• All major credit cards, as shown at checkout

Please note that your billing address must match the address on your credit card statement.

How Can I Track My Order?

Once you place your order online, you will be able to see the details of the purchase, follow its preparation, and see shipping updates in the My Account area.

Why CBD and Why CBG?

Both CBD and CBG are powerful antioxidants that have been shown to have multiple benefits to the skin. They can calm and soothe stressed skin, visibly brighten the skin, revitalize the skin’s barrier, and balance a complicated complexion. When used together, these Cannabinoids have a synergistic effect with each other and the other botanicals in our formulas.

Will I get high?

No way! We use pure, lab tested, isolated forms of hemp-derived CBD and CBG that are 100% THC-free in our skincare. THC is the Cannabinoid that can cause euphoria when ingested, but it is not present in any of our formulas…not even in trace amounts. Our clean CBD skincare is safe to use topically on skin without any unwanted side effects or euphoria. 

Are your products Vegan?

All of our products are Vegan. We do not test on animals. Any of our ingredients that could be animal derived are not. We can confirm that any possible animal-derived ingredients are either plant-derived or made from bacterial fermentation/biotechnology.

Will CBD enter my blood?

As shown in a 2017 study, TOPICAL application of CBD products does not pass through the blood-brain barrier.Here’s the link if you want to know more:https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28122323/

What is the benefit vs other skincare?

We combine CBD and CBG with peer reviewed and clinically tested botanicals, skin-identicals, and clean/safe bio-tech ingredients. We make clean formulas that are both highly effective and soothing to complicated skin so that even more sensitive people who are typically reactive to active skincare products can receive the benefits of restorative skincare. Our products are used by Estheticians in our spa and across the US who demand clean efficacious products for their facial treatments.

Pregnancy and topical CBD

While the research is limited, we know that TOPICAL CBD products do not typically break through the blood-brain barrier (link below) and would therefore not enter the bloodstream. However, you should not ingest (eat) CBD gummies or other wellness products while pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep in mind that THC is not present in any of our formulas when making an informed choice, and consult your doctor if you have questions or concerns.

2017 study: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28122323/

What is the return policy?

In general, we do not take returns. We are a 100% women-owned, self-funded company, and our products are handmade in small batches. So we cannot afford to take returns like a bigger company can. By buying our products, you are making an investment in your skin that we take seriously (and you should too). While we do stand by the quality of our products and the ingredients we use, we cannot control how your particular skin will react to them, and therefore we do not accept returns for those reasons. That said, if you want to return unopened product, or if you have a defective pump on a bottle or something of this nature, please contact us.

While major beauty retailers offer lenient return policies, they are a huge problem in the beauty industry, as they result in high environmental and economic costs. Firstly, the disposal of returned goods creates a ton of non-recyclable waste that must be thrown out, which is not sustainable for the environment (here’s a great article explaining why that’s the case). Secondly, open return policies create a high financial burden on small beauty companies like ourselves. In order to compete with bigger brands, smaller brands are forced to allow returns on opened goods for almost any reason. This makes the cost of these products rise exponentially because companies must overcharge for their goods to compensate for their losses. However, we do not pad our prices to accommodate for returns. We prefer to keep our prices fair and affordable!

While easy return policies may seem great for consumers, there are many downsides, so we prefer to be more particular about the returns we accept. Thank you for understanding, and for being a Code of Harmony customer. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

What is your privacy?

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