A note from Janet


"I have always been a person who dives in, headfirst, without looking back. When I feel passionately about something, I go all-in. I love the creative process. I’m stubborn and I don’t
give up. I work hard. I manifest.

My skin has not always looked like this. My skin is temperamental and redness-prone, and highly reactive to stress both internally and from skincare products. My sensitive skin has made me feel insecure and embarrassed for much of my 55 years of life.

I created Code of Harmony for “Complicated Skin” – skin that needs more than just “gentle” and “clean” products that have little effect on your skin’s vitality. CoH products are results driven to not only calm the chaos, but to give you a bright, vibrant, ageless glow. Isn’t that what we all want ?"

- Janet Schriever

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Stage 1


My “career” path has been winding and non-traditional. I studied Art in college, and I have always followed my creative heart, which is the way I choose to live my life.

In my twenties, I worked in “Hollywood” in the costume design department for feature films. Life took a detour to Africa after working as a Costumer on a film there called The Ghost and the Darkness. Botswana soon became my home.

Over the next 5 years, I explored every remote inch of Southern Africa in a beat-up old Land Rover. I lived my dream of being a painter. I met amazing lifelong friends, and I never had a cell phone, clock, or a mirror. I slept under the stars and woke with the sun.

I returned from this solo journey with a new creation brewing in my belly. I was 8 months pregnant with my son, Jaxon.

Stage 2


Sometimes life takes an unexpected shift. I went from living a bohemian life in Africa to designing Barbie Dolls at Mattel with a baby boy on my hip. This was the job that began my career as a Toy Designer and Inventor for the next 16 + years.
As a single, working mom, life stress and genetics started to show on my skin. The sun damage that was lurking under the surface from years under the African sun had come to light.

By the time I reached my mid 40’s, my skin was in a state of chronic reactivity, constant irritation and redness. It was no longer something I could live with, so I researched ingredients and I studied clinical trials and I made lots and lots of products with a plethora of botanical extracts. In 2015, I began to add CBD to my formulas and I knew I had something special.

Stage 3


In 2017, Crave Skincare (our original name) formally launched at Indie Beauty Expo in LA. I was the weird girl in the back of the show with the “weed” products. CBD was so new then and Crave Skincare was their first CBD brand to exhibit.

In 2018 I opened the doors to my first shop with onsite lab and one facial bed where I could practice CBD facials. Simultaneously, we rebranded from Crave to Code of Harmony. We grew. In 2020, we moved into a larger location, added a retail boutique and more facial rooms.



Skin Glows Life Flows.

As I look to the future of Code of Harmony, I am constantly driven to help people with complicated skin embrace their glow inside and out. I'm elated to grow my business to serve my increasing number of customers.

As an Esthetician, it is so incredibly exciting to watch my client’s skin visibly transform with products that I personally formulated and made. My mission with Code of Harmony is to help people face the world with healthy skin, a big dose of confidence, and a stellar glow!


Our products have proven to lead to amazing results that enable customers to show off their natural glowing skin.

Beyond Cbd

Cannabinoids were never the sole ingredient at work in Code of Harmony formulations. An efficacious formula has CBD and CBG as complements to Centella Asiatica, Niacinamide, Green Tea, Hyaluronic Acid, etc. My “Entourage Effect” is the entire, well-rounded formula.

No to Beauty Industry BS

The beauty industry continues to push their “anti-aging” agenda, which is not only offensive to all women who are aging, but the ingredients used can sensitize the skin of women with complicated skin issues, resulting in dry, reddened, and damaged skin barriers. We create calm, not stress.

Yes to the CoH Glow

The right botanicals, non-comedogenic emollients, humectants, safe/gentle lab created cosmetic actives, skin-identicals, and super-powered antioxidants have the power to bring your skin back to a more firm, visibly bright, resilient, and ultimately glowing state of wellness. Healthy skin glows.