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Balance (60 minutes)

This goal of this 60 minute CBD facial is to create balance, harmony and naturally glowing skin. This is a deep cleansing, calming, hydrating, plant-based facial that is customized to your needs.

- Double deep cleanse under steam

- CBD Gummy to relax you

- Exfoliation with Ultrasonic Removal

- Light Extractions and High Frequency as needed

- CBD Masque and appropriate CBD Treatment Serums

- Magic Mushrooms (massage tools) and Gua Sha massage included.

$110 single treatment / members $95

COH Glow (90 minutes)

Our signature CBD facial with extra nurturing, re-texturizing, extractions, wrinkle relaxation, peach fuzz removal, or R+R time under the LED, we bust out the pro tools to take your facial to the next level of glow. Your esthetician will guide you through the best treatment for your skin. One or more of the following is included;

- Dermaplaning - a deep exfoliation with peach fuzz removal

- Jet Peel - cold oxygen infused power cleanse

- Cryo Lift - soothing cold treatment for a sculpted glow

- Microcurrent - electrical impulses to minimize

- Microdermabrasion exfoliation to gently resurface skin

- LED light therapy for acne/ wrinkles/calming skin

$150 single treatment / members $130

Everything Facial (110 minutes)

A little of this, a little of that - The Everything Facial is what you want if you need a deep cleanse and exfoliation, peach fuzz removal and to release jaw tension. This facial will give those cheekbones a lifted look as we finish this treatment with our popular Buccal sculpting massage.

- Cleanse and exfoliate

- Extractions as needed

- Dermaplaning - exfoliation and peach fuzz removal or Jet Peel deep pore cleanse.

- CBD Masque and massage

- Treatment Serums and Oils

- Buccal massage to lift the lower face and release tension.

$185 single treatment / $165 members

Sculpt & Release (110 minutes)

Sculpt and Release every muscle in the face, neck, and head though a very detailed facial sculpting massage, including our highly praised Buccal technique. This method addresses facial aging, reduces wrinkles, relieves stress, relaxes jaw tension, and will make you look like a glowing goddess/god.

- Lymphatic drainage to relieve puffiness

- Enzyme exfoliation

- Facial Sculpting massage technique for a lifted appearance

- Buccal massage

- Light extractions and soothing CBD Masque

- CBD Treatment Serums/Oils/Moisturizers

- Celluma LED treatment as time allows

$185 single treatment / $165 members

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Multitasker (Bodywork 110 minutes)

We have many options for our Multitasker treatment performed by our dual Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician.

- Facial + Massage - a 50 minute facial and a 60 minute full body massage with our CBD facial and body products.

- Back Facial + Massage - a 50 minute back facial and a 60 minute full or partial body massage.

- 60 min Back Facial - a skin purifying treatment for your back, similar to our Balance facial. Performed by an Esthetician

Multitasker - $185 single treatment / $65 members,

Back Facial is $110 single treatment / $95 monthly membership.

Lift Lash

A semi-permanent curl to open up those beautiful eyes! $90 for a single treatment or add to a facial for $70.

Add Ons

Enhance your facial with one of your specialty add ons. For Parties or Events Inquire within.


Experience our firming microcurrent treatment to restore the lift to your skin.



Get smooth skin effect with our carefully delivered dermaplaning.



Receive the calming and restorative results of LED treatment.


Oxygen Jet

Feel oxygen radiate through your pores with our specialty treatment


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Laura Platis

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