Return Policy

In general, we do not take returns. We are a 100% women-owned, self-funded company, and our products are handmade in small batches. So we cannot afford to take returns like a bigger company can. By buying our products, you are making an investment in your skin that we take seriously (and you should too). While we do stand by the quality of our products and the ingredients we use, we cannot control how your particular skin will react to them, and therefore we do not accept returns for those reasons. That said, if you want to return unopened product, or if you have a defective pump on a bottle or something of this nature, please contact us.

While major beauty retailers offer lenient return policies, they are a huge problem in the beauty industry, as they result in high environmental and economic costs. Firstly, the disposal of returned goods creates a ton of non-recyclable waste that must be thrown out, which is not sustainable for the environment (here’s a great article explaining why that’s the case). Secondly, open return policies create a high financial burden on small beauty companies like ourselves. In order to compete with bigger brands, smaller brands are forced to allow returns on opened goods for almost any reason. This makes the cost of these products rise exponentially because companies must overcharge for their goods to compensate for their losses. However, we do not pad our prices to accommodate for returns. We prefer to keep our prices fair and affordable!

While easy return policies may seem great for consumers, there are many downsides, so we prefer to be more particular about the returns we accept. Thank you for understanding, and for being a Code of Harmony customer. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!